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We're heading down again this year to pick up our packages!
Once again we will be heading down to pick up our packages. Last year we built an enclosed, climate controlled 'bee wagon' to ensure their safety and comfort on the long ride. The bees were packaged, loaded and arrived back in New York in less than 24 hours minimizing stress on the bees . The quality and condition of the packages definitely reflected all the extra effort.
These bees are sourced from a small family run apiary in Georgia where they have been selling packages and breeding queens for generations. Their bees are genetically diverse and are bred for honey production, hardiness and temperament.  They carry the best traits of Italian, Carniolan and their local stock. The queens and bees come from the same apiary so you can expect them to have the same southern drawl. 


We will be producing our own spring nucleus colonies from our local overwintered stock.

Again this year, we will be breeding our own queens from "Huntersland Blue Point (sweet sweet) Suvivor Stock". Sure to please and easy to work. We'll post more details as the season starts.