Giving Back

When Hudson Valley Bee Supply started to become successful we knew we had to give back. We looked here in the US and found amazing work being done, so we thought we'd like to reach out a little farther and found Bees for Development. We fell in love with their mission and team. Megan met with Nicola Bradbear, the founder, in Wales and they hatched a plan to start a non-profit in the US to support Bees for Development. Bees for Development, North American was founded in 2016 and Megan, Jorik and Dr Thomas Seeley are the board of directors. Megan has traveled BfD projects in Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda and we have ongoing fundraising efforts.

For more information check out Bees for Development . They promote sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty and to build sustainable, resilient livelihoods. They support beekeepers to maintain environments that are good for bees, for biodiversity, and for people. All donations to Bees for Development, North America go directly to support Bees For Development’s worldwide projects.