Local 2021 Queens

Local 2021 Queens

Queens for Nucs & Splits: If you are making a nuc/split please have the new colony queenless for 24hrs before introducing the new queen.

Queens after Swarming: If your colony swarms write down the day it swarmed. Wait two weeks to inspect the colony. If you don’t see eggs/larva wait one more week and then consider getting a new queen.

Queen Source:

Ang Roell, They Keep Bees

Ang's breeder or “mother” queens that they use for propagation are a mix of survivor stock VSH and Carniolan queens and survivor stock Russians who have overwintered successfully in the Northeast (Montague, MA) for at least one winter.
These lines demonstrate resistance to varroa infestation and receive no chemical treatments. When mating, Ang selects breeder queens based on a queen health protocol list Ang has developed. Ang also conducts bi-annual viral testing.
Ang tests and selects for more resilient bees by monitoring mites regularly, and eliminating less mite resilient bees from the operation and also integrates manual manipulations to prevent treating breeder queens.